About me

Welcome! I am Triin, who loves yoga and green. Green as the color of balance and harmony, as the leaves and faraway seas. Green as the color of the heart chakra, loving, joyful, magical element between the body and mind and...of course...all the healthiest vegetables. When I contemplate Yoga, my heart is open and my mind free. It is in me as I flow, smiling, through Life.

I am qualified in Vinyasa Flow Yoga (200hrs registered yoga teacher). My style is fluid, nourishing and playful. Going in depth with each ‚Äčasana ¬≠ experiencing them, as opposed to performing mere poses. Exploring the pranayama, chants, meditation and visualisation are an essential part of the experience of my practice, always in tune with natural rhythms in nature and within. Come and explore deep soulful vinyasa flow yoga with me. There are no rules in Yoga, its for everyone.

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Yoga Classes

Also available for private booking. I regularly run variety of Yoga Workshops, please check my Facebook page for regular updates!


I teach vinyasa flow yoga classes. Vinyasa means synchronised breath and body movements.

Yoga gives me chance to express myself, for me it's an art so each of my class is unique and fresh. I have created my classes to be suitable for everyone, whether you are new to yoga or been practicing for some time. Whether you want to relax, unwind or looking more energised practice. So hopefully there's something for everyone!

Selection of classes I offer:
Shakti flow- My signature vinyasa flow, practice I'm most connected to. Liberating spontaneous yoga to evoke divine feminine energy within. Creative, fluid dreamlike movements to connect in more subtle level. Journey to rediscover your true Self. I love to mix chanting, visualisation, meditation, mudras with nourishing body and breath movements. Bliss.
Lunar Flow- Gentle and smooth vinyasa yoga. Healing and restorative. Suitable for those who are new to yoga or if you just looking more relaxing Yoga. Gentle asana practice is followed by long deep relaxation.
Solar Flow- Dynamic, strong and lively vinyasa flow to energise and uplift. Purify your body and mind with this energising yoga flow. Suitable for more experienced yoga practitioners or for those who up for a challenge :)


Solar Flow on Tuesday
Time: 8:00 - 9:15 PM

Shakti flow on Thursday morning
Time: 9:30 - 10:45 AM

Lunar Flow on Sunday
Time: 4:00 - 5:15 PM